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About Me

It Works changed my life and I know it can change yours!
Nichole’s Story

In August of 2012 I was introduced to It Works! by a friend and was looking for something to help me feel myself again. I had just had a baby one year prior and was really struggling to get back to where I felt comfortable and felt like "me" again. After trying the wraps I saw awesome results and fell in love with them! I decided I wanted to share them with those around me and signed up to be a distributor. My goal at first was to make it to the Ruby Level and make an extra $600 a month to help pay off some debt! I had no clue what I had my hands on and how my life would change over the course of a year with this company. I was working doing hair as well as running my own photography business but we never really had any extra money at the end of the month to pay off any debt. When I joined It Works! my Mom and my 5 sisters decided to sign up with me. It has been so much fun working with each of them and helping them achieve their goals. After a few weeks of being in this company we started hearing stories of others that were making really good money and providing for their families and retiring their husbands off their It Works! income! We soon go the bug and ran with it. I realized that my dream of staying home with my 2 little girls could be a reality with this business! I always wanted to stay home with them but had never been able to. So, we went for it! We pushed harder than we ever had and had so much fun doing it. After 4 months we had 5 of us at the diamond level and myself as a double diamond. After 9 months, I became a Presidential Diamond along with another sister who is a Triple Diamond and another Double Diamond. This company is for real and anyone can do it! There is nothing special about me or my family but we wanted it so we worked for it and continue to work for it! I have loved working with others in this business and watching them grow and help their families! It Works! has changed my life and it can change yours too if you let it!